20 April 2015

I'm a Gold-Star Student

I found out today the grade I achieved in the BYU Independent Study course I was taking.  I was really nervous about the final because the professor seems to delight in trick questions, and I'm not good at riddles.  But I managed an A in the first college class I've taken in 14 years.  *Big sigh*   I'm just so relieved.



This is what I saw on my jog.  Deer in a meadow surrounded by mountains.  I live in a beautiful place.  It's just hard to remember that sometimes because I'd rather live somewhere else, but I've got my happy face on today.  (If you've ever seen "Strictly Ballroom" you'll appreciate that reference. A big fake smile shiny with tears.  Love.)

I hope you all have on your happy faces.  Without the tears.

03 April 2015

Big, Bigger, Biggest

My husband recently got an iPhone 6 plus.  For those of you out there who are unfamiliar with this phenomenon frequently known to engulf the whole side of a face, here's a picture:

The 6 plus is the biggest one; the one trying to eat the banana.  I can't even tell you the many, many times my husband has come home with a new gadget that was nearly microscopic, and he would go on about how much he loved its sleekness and design and tiny-ness.  So, when he brought home a phone the size of our couch, you'll understand that I was rightly surprised.  I imagined him putting it in his car in Fred Flintstone style and watching them tip to the side.

His reasoning was that he hardly ever uses his phone as a phone, but almost always uses it as a handheld computer.  In that way, a larger (huge) screen would come in handy.  I laughed and let his phone join the family as our biggest child.

He asked if I wanted his old phone because that would still be an upgrade for me.  I told him no, thank you.  I like my old, small phone that fits in my pocket without pulling down my pants.

Now, every time he has reason to use my phone he comments on how tiny it is in the same voice I usually reserve for babies, and the longing in his voice is heard by more than myself.