05 July 2016

In My Defense

Nearly a year between blog posts.  That might be criminal in some areas.  Luckily, I'm still free and un-manacled, allowing me to post now.

You may remember this post where I talk about being diseased and how it's a lot of good times.  Turns out, I've been having those good times in spades lately.  Lots.

And while I could spend hours (and probably have) complaining about how much fun Hashimoto's disease can be, and has been, for me, I will spare you.  Hearing someone complain about their health is almost as fun as having the disease yourself.  I will simply give a statement:

I am winning, and if I'm not, I will pretend like I am.

That said, I am going back to life as I want it to be, and hope to see you there.