12 September 2016

Sad Face Emoji

This is what my youngest son looks like every morning before I take him to school (This isn't a picture of him. I'm just using this image as an object lesson. Sort of.).   Bless his sad little heart.  Every morning, I hold him on my lap, which is getting too small to hold him, and ask what's wrong.

This is where things get murky.  He says: He just wants to be home with me.  He feels like he should be home.  He wants to be homeschooled.  He doesn't have a best friend to play with at school.  School isn't fun anymore.  And he says it all with those eyes that look sad enough to get me to agree to anything as long as he stops giving me those eyes!

I want to know what to do.  I've talked to him about why he's feeling this way.  I've asked him question after question to try and understand what the root of the problem is.  We've prayed together before school.  I've tried giving him advice, making a plan for the day, bribing him with treats.  I don't know what else to do!

So, any advice?  Any suggestions?  All input would be welcome.  As for today... I'm picking him up early from school because I'm a sucker.