23 September 2015

Anyone Have Chips?

As a kid I remember this time of year helping my mom bottle peaches and pears.  One of my favorite things to eat was toast dipped in the juices of that bottled fruit.  While I do have lots of bottles of peaches, only one of my kids actually likes to eat them, and he absolutely refuses to dip toast in it.

With that in mind, I decided to try bottling something different this year: Salsa!  Who doesn't like a good homemade salsa, right?

Evidently, my stove, countertop, and that little crack between the two of them that leads to the floorspace no one ever cleans unless they're moving, felt left out of the yummy food party.  So, like a good hostess, I left the party to those enjoying it, and took pictures.

After cleaning up that mess, this better be the best tasting salsa this side of the Rio Grande.

My kitchen stinks now.

13 September 2015

Flora and Fauna

I was driving my car down Main Street to pick up my sister for our weekly date.  Something like this:
I stopped at a red light and picked up an unexpected passenger.  He looked something like this:
Actually, I think that Mantis is a girl.  You can tell by the delicate ankles.  *grin*  It landed on the windshield, swayed a little from the impact, and then hunkered down.  I pointed it out to my daughter who was in the car with me and we shared a little laugh.

Then the light turned green and we sped away.  Always obeying traffic laws, of course.  That little passenger must have had somewhere specific it was trying to go, because it stuck to my windshield like I was taking it to a cricket breeding ground where it would be crowned king, or queen, and be fed willing sacrifices for the rest of eternity.  Little Mantis lost ground a couple of times, sliding around corners or when I stopped, but it did not let go.

I carried that passenger for almost a mile before it found its happy hunting grounds.

A week later, another Praying Mantis stuck itself to my car.  No lie.

My daughter was again in the car with me when I pointed to the second passenger and said, "No way!"

She watched its precarious position with me for a few blocks before saying, "Mom, you know why they like our car don't you?"

"Uh..." I said, because I'm intelligent.

"Because it's a Leaf!"