23 September 2015

Anyone Have Chips?

As a kid I remember this time of year helping my mom bottle peaches and pears.  One of my favorite things to eat was toast dipped in the juices of that bottled fruit.  While I do have lots of bottles of peaches, only one of my kids actually likes to eat them, and he absolutely refuses to dip toast in it.

With that in mind, I decided to try bottling something different this year: Salsa!  Who doesn't like a good homemade salsa, right?

Evidently, my stove, countertop, and that little crack between the two of them that leads to the floorspace no one ever cleans unless they're moving, felt left out of the yummy food party.  So, like a good hostess, I left the party to those enjoying it, and took pictures.

After cleaning up that mess, this better be the best tasting salsa this side of the Rio Grande.

My kitchen stinks now.

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