13 July 2015

Sinks Are Sexy

That tiny little picture is the joy of my life right now.  Yes, the kitchen sink.

Since we moved, and unpacked all the many, many boxes of books, we have been fixing up the apartment we now inhabit.  There was no kitchen, so my not-so-handy husband installed cabinets, an oven, a hot water heater, a dishwasher, and lastly, a kitchen sink with a disposal.  It even has running water! (I must insert here, that he didn't do it alone.  We had many friends and family that helped him.  But he did most of it himself.  Maybe this is TMI, but it was sexy watching him. *shrug*  I'm just saying.)

So, after two weeks of not having a kitchen, we now have a kitchen!  That works! It's a thrill every time I turn on the faucet.  I've never known quite how soothing the sound of a dishwasher is.  The first time we turned it on, I almost fell asleep with my head on the countertop and a weird smile pasted on my face.

A working kitchen is a wonderful, beautiful thing, my friends.  Wonderful.  And Beautiful.  Even when it's not clean, as mine is now.  The wonder comes because I can go turn on the sink, wet the rag, and wash dishes or wipe the countertop or mop the floor!  All without having the haul the water in or the dishes out. (Before the sink, I either took the dirty dishes upstairs to my in-laws kitchen, or to the bathroom sink.  So, I didn't have things too badly.  We did have running water elsewhere.  That fact doesn't lessen the joy now.)

So, the next time you get yourself a drink of water, or wash your hands, or put a dirty bowl in the sink, take a moment to appreciate what you have there.