01 April 2012

Home From the Holiday

I just got back from the first vacation I've had in 4 years.  My Mom and sisters and I all went to SoCal for four days. We piled into a 15 seater van (that we affectionately called the meth lab) and drove 12 hours each way.  It's been a long time since I've had such a severe case of numb bum.

I took a couple of books to read but I didn't read them because there was just too much talking going on.  So. Much. Talking.  And just as much laughing.  We hung around the pool in the backyard of the amazing holiday home where we stayed and spent most of our days shopping and deciding where to eat.  I came home with an appreciation of manicured lawns, palm trees, and the beautiful flowers along the streets.  I also came home with a new wardrobe.

The pathetic thing about this long-awaited holiday was the fact that I really debated whether to take my computer so I could write while I was gone.  I ultimately decided against taking it.  And I regretted it.  I missed waking up early and putting my stories out there before my eyes are even fully open.  I missed the quiet in the mornings when I'm the only one out of bed.  I missed writing.

I heard Shannon Hale say once that she's addicted to writing and can't take breaks.  I thought that was really weird at the time.  (Okay, I actually thought that was really cool, because I think everything Shannon Hale does is cool.  But I can't say that out loud.  It makes me sound like a stalker.)

I don't think I'm addicted to writing because there are mornings when I'm too tired and prefer sleeping to typing.  (Maybe I'm addicted to sleep.)  But it's definitely in my blood.  It's definitely here to stay.

*sigh*  I'm so glad.

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