25 June 2012

Fame or What Passes For It

I had two book signings this last weekend.  I'm almost used to people asking for my signature.  I wonder if I'll ever just assume that people want my John Hancock.  I find it all so amusing.

Anyway, one of the book signings, the one at Costco, I took my mother with me.  She has been so funny throughout this whole process of getting published.  As soon as I told her (at Christmastime) that I had a book coming out, she has been beside herself with motherly pride.  She's asked every bookstore in town to buy my books and display them as a local author.  She's asked her gym if she can hang up a poster.  She has announced it in church several times, once even bringing her copy to show.  Show and tell.

In so many ways this embarrasses me, and I blush to even think it.  In other ways I am so grateful to have mother that loves me so much.

Back to Costco.  I was scheduled to be there a full seven hours.  Does that seem crazy long to anyone else?  So, my mother being my mother, she sat next to me in her pink pants suit, calling out to passersby, "Come buy this book!"  or "This book is great" or simply, "Buy it!"

I nobly resisted the urge to sink in my seat and sat there smiling away.

I never expected this to be a part of the writing process.  I never wanted the attention, that's one of the biggest reasons I like writing: it's out of the public eye.  It's a solitary activity that serves many of my introvert tendencies.

Anyone who knew me as a child is probably confused by this confession.  I can already hear my family's memories kicking in.  "Is this the same person who tried out for every play in school?  Who was on student government for three years of high school?  Is this the same person who invited a passel of strangers into a home with no furniture so she could sing ANNIE songs to them and charge them five cents admission while her sister passed out lemonade?  Is the Mandi we know?"

But somehow it has happened and I prefer life out of the spotlight.

So, to anyone who aspires to write and have those stories published, I want to give you a heads-up.  Bring your mother to book signings so you don't have to do any of the talking.

Love you, Mom.

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Wil said...

Someone has to comment,this is my first blogg post ever ,might as well be on yours!!, you look cute in your promo shot..I know her!! Glad the book signing wasn't so painful with your ma there to help out..though not so sure about he pinkpantssuit..but it willb e memorable and darling on her no doubt!!, much love wil