05 November 2012

Welcome to the Meeting

On our agenda for this post, we have three items to discuss.

First:  Last week, I had my last book signing in a grocery store.  For this book.  Unless they ask me again.

When I expressed my embarrassment to a former classmate at selling my work at the end of the bread aisle, she said she thought it was wonderful.  She said she was impressed.  After she left I sat back in my eye-level chair and thought.

No one had said anything to me about how weird it was to see an author next to the on-sale-today chocolate milk.  Anyone who stopped to talk, or even spoke to me in passing, seemed genuinely congratulatory.  So, evidence suggests that I was the only one who cared that I was selling a book in a grocery store.  It was my own insecurities causing my embarrassment.

Another way of saying it:  I was embarrassing myself.

Isn’t that just typical.

Item two:  I’m gearing myself up to submit another manuscript for publication.  My last attempt at this was a big, fat failure, so I admit to being a little anxious about the response.  From what I gather, being an author is just begging for experiences such as these.  So, if you want to write, welcome to the rejection table.

Lastly:  Big news.  Wonderful news.  News that has been too long in coming.  (No, I’m not pregnant, nor do I have any further books to announce at this time.  Sorry to get your hopes up.)  My husband got a job. 

Wait.  Let me say that again with an exclamation point.

My husband got a job!

Paychecks are wonderful things.  I could get used to them.

Meeting adjourned until next time.  Thank you for attending.

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