03 December 2012

Trimmings on the Cheap

This year we finally have a big tree, but I realized that we have five ornaments to fill up a seven foot tree.  Five.

That's what happens when you move around the world and don't take anything with you.

So, I decided to get creative, which honestly doesn't happen that often.

I found a book from the seventies that describes how to make homemade decorations.  So, we're going to make pretzel ornaments with ribbons woven through.  I'm sure you've seen these high class beauties at boutique stores such as Tiffany's.  (I know Tiffany's isn't a boutique store.  I know pretzel ornaments aren't high class, nor beautiful.  This is called tongue in cheek.)  The greatest thing about pretzel ornaments is that they are relatively inexpensive and you can make a lot of them with ribbon and a glue gun.

Next project: stringing cranberries.  It's just that big step up from stringing popcorn.  And the red berries really *pop* against the green tree.

For our final project, we're going to get complicated.  I'm not sure what this crafty gem is called, so I'll describe the process.  Soak cotton string in glue, then wrap that around a blown up balloon and let it dry.  Then you pop the balloon and spray paint it the color of your choice. (Our's will be red and white.)

So, for those of you who want to be on the cutting edge of haute couture fashion in Christmas Tree trimming, you've found your source for inspiration.  Search no more.

Maybe I'll get brave and figure out how to post a picture of our arboreal stunner when it's done.

Then you'll see that there's a reason I don't get creative very often.


Becca said...

Don't forget to dry some orange slices and hang them. They're gorgeous. Slice and put in your oven at 250 for two hours. I think your tree sounds pretty. :)

Emily said...

This post made me laugh. I think we should have gone this route instead of putting up the few ornaments that we had, since 75% of said ornaments are now disfigured in some way thanks to our smallest friend. I made it through 3 small friends with in-tact-ornaments. Not sure how #4 has creaked such havoc. I really want to see pictures of your beauty!