16 February 2013

More on LTUE (And Other Inconsequentials)

After three days of sitting, my tush is telling me LTUE is over.  At least, it is for me, who didn't bother buying a ticket to the banquet.  
I went to 19 workshops on topics that ranged from Xenobiology to Cryptography to Antiheroes.  I should have counted how many people made reference to Star Trek.  I unfortunately missed an entire hour discussing how The Matrix teaches a person good storytelling techniques.  I stood in line for more than an hour so I could get my Thief books signed by the oh-so-charming Megan Whalen Turner (She signed my old library copy of The Thief by saying "Ex Libris!  FTW!"  I admit to having no idea what FTW means. Anyone care to clue me in?).  I met a few authors and other aspiring authors.  I also learned to be "innocent through likability" by simply looking people in the eye and raising my eyebrows.  
Today Megan Whelan Turner gave the keynote address.  This was my view:

Do you see her?  No?  I couldn't either.  This is what I could see though:

That, my friends, is Bree Despain of the flawless ivory skin with the cool green bag, and just beyond her is Mette Ivy Harrison of the ever busy hands.  Bree Despain wrote the Dark Divine books and Mette Harrison wrote the Princess and the Hound books.  The stripy sweatered body belongs to my sister-in-law who granted me admission into this exclusive club of sitting next to celebrities.  I couldn't get in on my own.

So, if you're sorry you didn't get the advantages of hearing Dr. Eric Swedin (who almost looks like Doug on Strictly Ballroom but with more hair) expound the possibilities of life on other planets, or compliment Jennifer Nielson on her debut novel The Lost Prince, then you know what you need to do.  

It's totally worth the moolah.  

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Kami McArthur said...

Hey Mandi! It was nice meeting you with an "open face." Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I did too :)
LTUE is a great conference.