18 March 2013

Part-time Jogger

Last week I began jogging again.  I don't like jogging outside during the winter months because the polluted, cold air does strange things to my lungs.  But since it's getting warmer, I got braver and put on my running shoes.

I went three times last week.  I feel so strong and fit and old.  Yes, old.

Since when does my hip hurt?  Except for noting their growing size, I've never thought about my hips before.  But this week I've been limping around thinking about them regularly.  Also, my waist muscles are sore.  Who knew a person uses waist muscles to jog?  My knees and legs and shoulders are all acting like I'm beating them up as well.

I could understand all this fuss if I had been inactive all winter, but I've been exercising!  Yes, I have!  I have worked all those muscles and ligaments and joints pretty much every day.  But I change the impact a little and suddenly I'm a geezer.  (I'm shaking my head in disapproval.)

Maybe I'll just sit down for a while and mourn.


Becca said...

Yeah--the chubby girl on the track wearing not one but TWO knee braces? That would be me. After I run 4 miles, I can't walk for a day. *roll eyes*

Mandi said...

I feel your pain, just a little higher than the knees. Now my husband has a plan to get me to try cross fit. I think I'll just start crying now.