27 June 2013

J.R. Te Adoro

I love many authors, but there are a few that have escalated to adore status.  Those are the authors who enthrall me with their books, but then make me like them as people when I read their blogs or hear them speak.

I am a big, huge fan of Janette Rallison.  I think her stories are hilarious, and she seems like a very nice person and a knowledgeable author.  She gave me some great advice once that led me to write my favorite manuscript to date.  I read her blog a lot. And I'm sure she'd be shocked (in an endearing way, of course) to find out how much a complete stranger knows about her. (The stranger is me, in case you missed it.)

So, this week, she's got a contest going on her blog.  It's completely random.  I mean, who thinks like this?  She wants readers to vote on which lyrics of popular songs would make the worst pick up lines.

Now that she mentions it, I have heard some pretty rotten pick up lines in the lyrics of songs.  Not only that, but Ms. Rallison shares my adolescent appreciation for Taylor Swift.

So, go ahead and vote for your favorite, or be cool and nominate a song you find repulsive.

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