10 June 2013

Phenoms = My Kids (Future)

For the first time in my married life, I will be home by myself all day come September.  All three of my lovely children will be away at school.  All day.

And I'm thinking... what do I do with myself?

But before that, I have to make sure they have a school to go to.  The program we had the kids in last year was experimental (part time school, part time homeschool) and we liked it lots.  But both teachers in that program decided to leave the school and do other things.  From what I understand, they have replaced those teachers, but I'm not sure I want to go that route anymore.  For one thing, my youngest refuses to learn anything if I'm the teacher, so he won't be staying home, even part time, and he's old enough to enroll.  If he's not staying home, I might as well send the other two, since they seem to enjoy school too.

So, here's the question: where?

We seem to have narrowed it down to two schools, possibly four.  I have them on waiting lists for two charter schools we have in the area.  And there's the public school closest to our house on the list, as well as a third charter school.  My husband seems to hate every option we have, so I've just given up on getting him happy about it.  Either they're too preppy or too lame or too far from home or too sleazy or not sleazy enough.

I'm sort of hoping for a miracle between now and August that says, "Yes.  Send your children to this school.  They will not get stuck in the land of waitlists.  They will have wonderful friends and a great education.  The school is not far from home and the bussing is bully-proof.  The extra-curricular programs are second to none.  By graduation, your children will be the phenoms you know they can be."


Here's to hoping.

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