30 July 2013


I fully and freely admit that I am a tightwad.  Anyone who says differently is selling something. (Which I won't buy.)

This week, I had the arduous task of shopping for school uniforms.  Arduous.  I skipped around a couple of websites looking for one that sold everything I needed for a quarter each.  Evidently, I've been spending a little too much time at yard sales because I couldn't find one.

I decided then to take the list of approved uniforms my children would need to begin the school year and whittle it down to absolute basics.  JUST what they'd need to survive.  I found a website that looked like it carried everything.  I went through blithely carting whatever I needed.  When I checked the total at the end, I died a little inside.


For real.

I almost tapped the screen, wondering if the price would change if I nudged it a little.  I mean, I was buying ugly clothes for three kids, not a fancy half-hat for the Duchess of Cambridge.

I walked away from the computer for a day and a half.  I couldn't bring myself to try again so soon.

So, today, I took my courage in my tightfisted hand and shopped around.  Unless I feel like I'm really getting a bargain, I hate shopping.  Even online.  So shopping around is torture.  I looked on every website that might possibly have approved school uniforms.  I definitely found better deals than I had on the first website, but only if I spent a certain amount of money at each store so I could have free shipping.  Ack.  Can you feel my pain?

Finally, after swallowing the fear that comes from letting money out of my wallet, I got what the kids needed.  Only after I had confirmed everything, did I realize the boys didn't have their ties.  Except, when I went to look, no one had the ties my sons would need.  NO ONE.  No one, that is, but the dratted first website that expected obscene amounts of money for their preppy clothes.

I looked at the page for several minutes, wondering if I had it in me to put anything into a cart that had once requested so much.

Turns out, I don't have it in me.

If you're wondering, my boys will be the ones wearing paper ties the first day of school.

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