11 July 2013

One Hold Barred

Have you noticed that as you mature, things that didn't bother you at one time, now do?

For example, I used to play a game called "British Bulldog" every night in the summer months with everyone who would come to our house.  One person would be "it" and stand in the middle.  Everyone else would stand at one end of our rectangular lawn.  The person in the middle would yell "British Bulldog" and everyone would try to run to the other edge of the lawn without getting tackled. If a player got tackled, they also became "it" until everyone was in the middle. I would tackle indiscriminately.  It didn't matter, boy, girl, big, small, I would take them on, and usually get them on the ground.  Because I had skills.  This went on every summer until I graduated high school.

Now that I'm slightly older and perhaps slightly more mature, I don't think I'd play that innocently anymore.

An example of my maturity:  A couple of weeks ago, I was in martial arts and the instructor said we were going to learn a hold called the North/South hold.  *Ahem*  As the instructor demonstrated this take down and hold with a member of the class, I confess to feeling awkward.

I had a thought that went "So, what you're saying is I have to squash my boobs onto a man's face as I try to grab his arms?"

The next thought went "I wonder if that hold would be considered a trial to a man who attacked me.  More like an invitation."

The last thought went "I don't think I'll be using that hold."

So, if you needed proof that I've grown over the last couple of decades, there you have it.  I am indiscriminate no longer.


Lorene Nance said...

HahaHA! Mandi, I am laughing so hard I am crying! If I were tough like you, I would enroll in the same class just so I could see your face in moments like this.

Mandi said...

I wish you were there too because then I'd have someone female to practice with. But then, YOU would get a face full. Maybe not so funny then.