12 August 2013

Passing on the Mania

It was a Saturday.  I was out jogging in the summertime heat.  Before you get too impressed with my physical prowess, I have to add that my jogging is the speed many people walk. Even still, Saturdays are my long jog day.  I add a whole mile.  Saturdays are also my day to yard sale.  Often, I do both at once, and look for yard sales along my jogging route.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I have given out several damp dollar bills from my sweaty hands.  I even told one woman to wait a little while before picking up the dollar I'd just put down to let it dry off.  She said I was funny, but I was being serious.  What's funny is watching me jog home with my purchases: books, wall hangings, clothes.  Yeah.  I'm super cool.

Well, as I was out jogging one Saturday, I saw two teenaged girls on scooters while wearing pajamas.  It looked as though they had just had a slumber party and were going home, or something like that.  But come to find out, they were girls with hearts beating in rhythm to mine.  They were scooting along the sidewalks, looking for yard sale signs.

I tell you, it was a sublime moment.

*sniff* I was witness to the next generation of tightwads.  I'm so proud.

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Lorene Nance said...

Mandi! The more I read, the more I laugh and love that there is another kindred spirit out there. Back when I was actually jogging, I always forgot to take money but I stopped at so many yard sales. I even thought of leaving my watch or iPod as collateral a couple of times, but I decided it probably wasn't worth it for a 50-cent item...