24 October 2013

Details of my Camiseta

I often wear a blue tee shirt with the silhouette of a dead pigeon on it.  It's a great conversation starter.

"Why do you have a dead pigeon on your shirt?"
I shrug.
"But why is it dead?"
I shrug again.

This went on for weeks.  I wear the shirt because I like the way it fits.

Then I got a little nervous. I really didn't know what the dead pigeon was all about.  What if it was a gang symbol my street cred didn't clue me in on? It's hard to believe that's possible, being from a huge metropolis in rural Utah, but what if?

The only other thing on the shirt was the word "calle".  As everyone knows, that's a girl's name, right?  But being so culturally diverse in rural Utah, I figured it could be the Spanish word for street.  I googled it.

Turns out, my dead pigeon was the logo for an organization trying to get soccer back to the streets where it originated, instead of in multi-billion dollar stadiums and tournaments.  I wish "calle" luck with that.

And someone should tell that poor girl that her name also means street.

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