26 November 2013

Oh Thanksgiving Tree! O Thanksgiving Tree!

Every year my family has a Thanksgiving tradition.  We gather around the kitchen table and cut out paper leaves.  I stick a few naked sticks into a vase and give everyone a pencil.  My husband usually mans the tape.  Then, we each write down as many things as we have leaves of what we're thankful for.

This year, our twigs look more like they have flame colored feathers stuck to them than leaves.  And we have some duplicates.  Like food and lasagna, clothes and shirts, fizzy drinks and soda.  But for the most part, the kids do a great job of writing things they're truly thankful for.

Yes, I'm on there.

But so is everyone else.

The best part of the activity was hearing my kids in the bathroom, with their mouths full of toothpaste, still talking about the things they're grateful for that they didn't have enough leaves for.

I guess I don't need to mention what my favorite blessings are but I'll give you a hint.  Their names are written next to mine on our tree.

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