23 April 2014

Famous Take Away 300 Years = Oh!

I'm the kind of reader that doesn't think overmuch about the things I read.  I rarely take the time to parse sentence structure, or understand the author's hidden motivations in writing a certain scene.  However, I don't want to be beaten over the head with bad grammar or causes either.  Just give me a good story.  But recently, I couldn't help noticing a connection.

I read this book:

And then this one:

And I couldn't help but compare them to books like this:

And any other book where a commoner falls for a noble and doesn't believe anything will or could ever come of it.

In our society, we've taken movie stars or rock stars and made them into the the nobility of Europe from centuries past.  Dating a star is every bit as impossible for the everyday Jane as it was for a maid to rise from her station to marry a Lord.  I would even guess that the odds are the same then as it is today.  And now, just as then, we have novels about it to tell us how wonderful it would be to marry a star.

Even the novels that point out the hardships of superstardom do it in such a way that make the stars themselves untouchable by the common person. Every common person except one.  It just makes me wonder.

And then I think, "Who cares!  It's a story I'll read over and over and over."

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