06 October 2014

I'm Watching You, Wazowski, Always Watching

Three items of business:

This weekend was General Conference.  For those of you watching, wasn't it wonderful?  I loved Saturday morning's session, such timely counsel!  Our prophet, giving his shoes away to someone in need of them, I get choked up thinking about it.

Second: I started watching "Dr. Who" this week.  I'm only two and a half episodes in.  I don't even know which Doctor I'm watching, as I know there are several, but I'm already wondering why I didn't start this before?  I mean, the acting isn't wonderful but it's so fun, and the special effects?  Bwah ha ha! But there is something about it.  A good something.  My husband disagrees, but he doesn't have to watch it with me.

Third:  Last night, my husband and I decided to watch a movie we'd recently put in our queue.  It looked like it might be a meaningful life/relationship story.  The kids were all in bed and we sat down to stare at the screen some more because we hadn't watched it enough after two days of General Conference.  *grin* Maybe we were just trying to pollute our minds after so much goodness.  (I'm kidding, Mom.)

So, we'd gotten about five minutes in, and it wasn't great but it wasn't terrible, when our daughter comes down the stairs and says, "What are you watching?"

As soon as she looks at the screen, up flashed a naked bum.  We all kind of went "Woah!"  Our daughter took several hasty steps back, behind the TV.  Of course, when my husband tried to stop the film, it paused on the bum, so we all got a good look at it, which is what we were really after.

Our daughter went back upstairs to bed, and later asked my husband if that was what rated R movies were like.  I sort of died a little inside.  (By the way, it wasn't rated R.)

I wrote her a note that night telling her that her parents weren't intentionally heathen.

But it's true, that no matter what you do, someone is watching.

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