05 January 2015

Ho, Ho, Ho.

For Christmas this year, I made my youngest son a blanket.  I was thinking that homemade gifts are the best.  Right?  Don't cost a lot. And are an outward expression of love.  Right?

I also wanted the blanket to be something he could use the rest of his life.  Something he could use as a bedspread, if he wanted.  So he could take my love with him everywhere he went.  

Cheesy?  Yes. But still true.

So, I went to the store and bought as much yarn as I thought I'd need.  I bought a lot of it, and it wasn't the cheap stuff because, as I said, I wanted this blanket to last a long time and look good while doing it.  

Maybe I should have stayed with the cheap stuff.  

I had to go back to the store four times for more yarn.  And then, the store ran out of the colors I needed.  So did the craft store.  It was getting close to Christmas, and I hadn't finished the blanket because I couldn't find the right yarn!  Finally, I ordered some online, but it wouldn't get here until Christmas Eve.  There went any chance of having it done for Christmas.

I'm proud to announce, it's done now.  

And my inexpensive, homemade gift ended up costing more than any other gift.  In case you're interested, the finished result cost $160.

Consider my pre-conceived notions abolished.


May all of you have a wonderful, prosperous, healthy new year.  


Becca said...

Whoever said that love doesn't cost anything was a dirty rotten liar.

But the blanket is really, really beautiful. :)

Ethington Family said...

I totally understand! I did the same thing for Janey. I think I was right at $80-$100 but it was so fun doing it and i bought it all at different times just like you so it didn't seem like a ton at the time.
I used all the coupons, bought while it was on sale, but still...
I think yours is way cuter AND doesn't look as stiff as mine. I loved the yarn when I bought it but it is really stiff.
I did make her a scarf though too :)