13 March 2015

A Face Full Of Wo

You know how there are some women who give themselves facials, and mani-pedis, and exfoliate, and all those other things that make them beautiful?  I think the last time I did any of those things I was probably at a sleepover in high school when we put on mud masks and talked about the boys we liked.  

So, when my sister (Yes, Mary, I'm talking about you) bought all of us these face products that she discovered so we could discover them too, I thought I might as well give them a try.  After all, a girl can never be too beautiful, right?

I dove right into the moisturizers because I know how to use those.  Dip finger in pot,  dab on face, rub in, done.  But I had no idea what a facial peel was.  Doesn't it sound ominous?  Like something a super villain would threaten to do to the hero?

However, after talking to two of my sisters about it, I decided I could tackle it.

I washed my face and started rubbing the goo in circles on my cheeks like the box said.  It seemed to be working okay.  I mean, from the conversations I'd had about it, it was supposed to make the top layer of my skin come off.  What confused me, was that I couldn't seem to wash the goo off when I was done circling.  I rinsed, then scrubbed, then scraped, then scratched, then rinsed, and rinsed again.  

When I finally gave up, I had pills on my jaw.  You know, like you get on a sweater after washing it a few times.  Pills.  On my face.  And it took two days for them to go away completely.

I'm still not sure if that means I should never attempt something like this again, or if I should do it every day until my face is sufficiently peeled and I no longer resemble a wool garment. 

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Ethington Family said...

hahahahaha, I had the same thing and had to actaully shave to get them off! I guess I should have mentioned that :) I think it was a combination of a ton of peach fuzz and a lot of dead skin because its never happened since. :) Sorry, aoubt that! Good luck!