18 August 2016

Welcome Home

Last month, my husband and I did the most grown-up thing we have ever done, and probably ever will do (aside from having kids, of course).  We bought a house.

Eek!  We bought a house!  (Yes, that is what happens in my head every time I say those words.  They are repeated with exclamation points, and squealed in a high-pitched voice that I can't duplicate outside my thoughts.)

And to welcome anyone that comes to said house, my husband bought Hopeful.


Cute, right?

Hopeful sits in his own little window overlooking the front porch.  


Can you see him in there?

So far, I've had three people either startled or laughing as I open the front door because they've just noticed the penguin checking them out.  What can I say?  Hopeful is a bit of a voyeur.

I'm hopeful that when the kids say goodbye to any future dates that may drop them off at the doorstep that there is a Hopeful voyeur watching everything they do.  And I'm hopeful they know that right behind that cute penguin is a dad polishing his rifles.  

I wish I could say I was kidding.

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