15 April 2012

Capital G

Isn't it funny how fast time goes?  Funny interesting.  Not funny ha-ha.

Eleven years ago, I became Mandi Ellsworth and it seems that time has warped somehow.  In some ways it seems that I have always been Mandi Ellsworth.  I have always been wife, mother, in-law.  In other ways, wasn't I mis-behaving in my high school choir class just yesterday?

The last eleven years have been full.  Rich.  Good.

And hard.

But mostly Good.  With a capital G.

Maybe that's why I love Young Adult fiction so much. I still feel like I'm there.  With the lockers, the sweat, the drama, the friends, the homework, the thumps from hoarse choir teachers, all of it.

And then I come away from what I'm reading and remember, "Oh yeah.  These little people running around my house are calling me Mom.  I should probably do something with that."

And sometimes I do.

Other times, I stick my nose back in the book.

Hey.  I'm not perfect.

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