23 April 2012


Have you ever felt the rush that comes with starting a new story?  

I've just experienced it again.  I look forward to waking up early, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, and drinking my early morning glass of water before opening my laptop and staring blearily at the screen.  Some mornings I stare longer than others.  Some mornings my screen stays on the same word for quite some time before my tired brain wakes up enough to realize I'm supposed to be typing.

But lately... ah, lately.

I open the computer and immediately know what I want to say and how to say it.  I think of really good metaphors too, which can be a struggle (I just wrote one this morning that I'm still kind of giggling about).    This is the time when writing is a joy, when I love being a writer.  I look forward to my writing time all day.  

Writing.  Writing.  Writing.  (I've been using that word enough, I thought it needed extra attention.)

And to name drop a little:  I want to thank Jannette Rallison (who has no idea who I am) for giving me the idea to change my short story into a novel and for prompting the thought to make it sci-fi.  

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