27 December 2012

Mele Kalikimaka

I got a ukelele for Christmas.

Let me say that again.


(Can you hear the smile in my voice along with the hurt fingers that have yet to stop throbbing?)  I printed off two songs to learn and I feel sorta like a rockstar when I sing them as I play. I worry a little about our upstairs neighbors who probably want to smash my new toy Hulk-style. 

Confession:  Thinking about all the times those neighbors have left the house without turning off their alarm clock, makes me want to play and sing louder and louder.  And maybe louder.  So they can't escape the constant beep, beep, beep, no matter where they go in their house and get a taste of their own medicine. 


Christmas was lovely wasn't it?  For my friends on the other side of the world from me it was bright and warm.  Here in Utah, it was white and marshmallow-y.  Perfect on both counts.

Now that we've established that Christmas was brilliant, I must dash off and print some more songs.  Since I'm a rockstar, I must have a larger repertoire. 

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