29 April 2013

Male Readers (Part Two)

After writing this post, I have had some good conversations about it.  Mostly, I must admit, with other women.  What can I say?  I don't have many male friends.  The only one that is written down is a comment from "G" and it's pretty good (especially the things he says about Uneasy Fortunes, just heads up).  So, I hope it's all right "G", I'm reposting it here:

I am a guy and I seldom ever read a book, but am a veracious reader often reading articles, news stories, facebook posts, blogs, and emails. 

I did once start a book club at work to motivate myself to finish a book and get great recommendations (half the club were men). So I know that men and book clubs are not mutually exclusive.

The only romance novel I have ever read is your book, and I was pleasantly surprised - I enjoyed it very much. While it has opened me up to the genre, I must admit to reading no others since except the snippets of particular romance books that my wife makes me read to 'get me in the mood' :)

I am not sure I have ever considered some reads too girly - If I trust the recommender I will try most anything.

Thank you so much for commenting and adding to the discussion.  

After thinking about this for some time, I have to come to the conclusion that I was mistaken.  I was thinking as a novel reader.  My husband reads every bit as much as I do, but his reading isn't lumped together in a cohesive story, it's as "G" said, in articles, websites, etc.  In fact, he calls his reading "research". In talking to other women, they say much the same thing about their husbands, brothers and sons.  So, perhaps the issue isn't that men don't read, it's that they read differently than women do.

And since I'm a lover of differences in all shapes and sizes, I must say, Vive la difference!  Because it isn't about men reading differently, it's about them reading at all.  

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