01 May 2013

My Little Tease

On Monday I went to an awards assembly for my Kindergartner.  Even though I have two children older than my youngest, this was my first Kindergarten assembly.  They do things a little differently in New Zealand.

Anyway, my son sat on the steps to the stage right behind the school principal.  Right in everyone's line of sight.  Soon after the Mr. Principal began speaking into his microphone, my son began picking his nose.  And eating it.  Eew.  I looked around like I was wondering who that disgusting child belonged to.

There were quite a few awards being given out, so to expedite the process Mr. Principal told everyone to save the applause until the end of each segment.  Then he started reading the names for the awarded students.  My son, being my son, pretended to clap after each name.  Not a big problem, except the little girl sitting next to him wigged out.  She threw herself onto his arm to stop him from making noise.  She grabbed his hand closest to her and yanked on it.  My son thought this was hilarious and continued to pretend clap after every name, just to get a reaction.  I wasn't the only one watching the drama behind the principal.

It turned out that my son, the one causing the ruckus, got a citizen of the month award.  Supposedly, that's the best award to get.  It encompasses hard work, scholastic improvement, obedience, and good behavior.  Hem.

When the awards had all been given, Mr. Principal asked all the awardees to take a bow as we applauded.  My son, hand to heart, flopped forward like a rag doll.  Then, with all the aplomb of a concert soloist, continued to nod his head at the audience for the next two minutes straight, taking accolades for his recent behavior, I'm sure.

I would have scolded him, but I was laughing too hard.


Katheryn said...

So funny!

Lorene Nance said...

LOVE it! I love your kids, and you tell the story so well.