07 May 2013

Stripier Than A Ninja Tiger

For the record the word in the title is Stripier, not strippier.

The last month or so, the kids and I have been going to martial arts, specifically, Hapkido.  It's a Korean cousin to aikido.  It's all about defense and truth and family.  I really like their philosophies.

After their first day, my kids each had a stripe on their white belts.  It was a white stripe for energy.  After only a month, they each have five stripes signifying things like breathing, holding, and protection.  You wanna guess how many stripes their mom had?


I wake up twice a week at 5:30 in the morning so I can jog to my dojong and take an hour class.  Then I jog home again.  I think that takes more than enough energy to earn me a little white piece of tape on my belt, don't you?  I am the only woman in my class of five to six men and I have to expend lots of energy just to compete with them.

I realize that for kids, they need the visual pat on the back for their achievements that a stripe gives.  It helps motivate them.  But I could use a little motivation too sometimes.

It's one thing to be older, bigger bummed, and sleepier than all my kids, but to have my five year old tell me that I didn't have any stripes on my belt because I wasn't trying hard enough was the outside of enough.  I had to remind them who was still toughest.

Then, Master Christopherson redeemed himself.  After repeatedly throwing my opponent to the ground using some complicated wrist lock, I was summoned to his office after class.  I went in his office stripeless.  Wanna guess how many I came out with?  Five.

Oh yeah.

I came home and woke my kids up by rubbing it in their faces.


Lorene Nance said...

You go, Mandi! Way to earn those stripes. Mark (my Mark) would never question you. Every time he's seen you jogging to or from your class, he comes home and tells me that you are definitely tougher than him :)

Swiss Miss said...

I can hear the bodies thud as they hit the floor at your house every day - all the way from lil' ole' Nooo Zeeelind.