27 August 2013

Not Just For Skirts

My sisters-in-law and I walked into the Broadway theater in Salt Lake City and knew we were in the right place.  Why else would people be dressed up in Regency rags but for the movie Austenland?  We got our tickets taken by a very nice woman, skirted the concessions line to validate parking, then found some seats on the right side of the screen in the darkened theater.

The mood there was eager.  Palpably eager.  Mostly, the seats were filled with women, but men took up several.  In fact, a few men wore a top hat and tails. We watched a few other indie movie trailers and threw out the commandment that tells us not to judge and judged them as surely as we were all judging everyone else.

In the moment right before the feature film began and the screen went dark, a girl sitting in the front squealed "I'm so excited!" in a voice I'm sure she thought wouldn't carry, but did.  So, as Austenland started I was already laughing.  The movie kept me laughing.  Keri Russell is the perfect Jane Erstwhile.  The over-the-top characters were golden.  There are so many one liners that I'm sure I'll be quoting.  And, oh my, JJ Field has some sexy hands.  Scoff if you will, but just wait till you see the kiss at the end.  I couldn't stop looking at his HANDS.

So, in my expert estimation, you should go see Austenland.  Support good book to movie adaptations! Create more opportunity for other indie movies!  And laugh for an hour and a half.

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Katheryn said...

Good to know it's a winner!