02 September 2013

A Little Brekky

Walking home from church yesterday, my daughter said to me, "Mum, are you planning to wake up early tomorrow?"

"Um... no.  Why?"

"We were told in church to do something nice for someone else, and I thought I would do something for you and Dad."

I thought it was very sweet, then forgot all about it.

This morning, I heard the kids walk down the hall to the kitchen. One of them closed our bedroom door as they passed. I could tell they were trying to be quiet, they kept sushing each other.  The sounds of pans being used and the scraping of silverware tiptoed under our door and into the room.  I nudged my husband awake and we shared a smile.

Several minutes later, the door opened and three pajama-ed kids entered baring plates.  My husband got a bottled smoothie, sliced pear, and eggs, sunny side up.  I also got eggs (not so sunny sided), sliced pear,  and a bowl of tossed salad.  They handed us the things they'd prepared and stood back to watch us eat their creations.  They were pleased as pie with themselves.  As they should have been.

So, it turned out, my Labor day, began with a Labor-free morning.

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Mike and Adrianne said...

Don't you love those types of breakfasts?! I'm glad your kids were so thoughtful to give you a rest this morning.