28 January 2014


In January of 2013, a member of the bishopric asked each young woman in our ward to make a goal to read the Book of Mormon that year.  When he came back this January, only three or four girls had finished the book.  He gave them a three month extension.

That was the first I'd heard of it.  I thought, "What a great idea for the girls," and thought no more about it.

Until last week.

I'd been plodding my way through the Book of Mormon, in Spanish, for a couple of months and while reading one night, I decided I should finish before the deadline given to the Young Women. That leaves one month to read an intense book in another language. One month of taking twice as long to read something as it would in English. Think: reading the New Testament in Greek. Then add my level of intelligence and *ouch* that's math.

I spoke to my husband about it, so he could help me figure out how many chapters I'd need to read every day to pull this off (math again).  He looked at me across the darkened living room, "You could just read it in English."

I gaped at him.  "But then I wouldn't be an over-achiever!"

And over-achieving is sacrosanct.

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