21 January 2014

Venting Like a Frugal Furnace

I'm not intentionally advertising for a certain pharmacy, but I had to display my wares. I went to the pharmacy with certain expectations of how much my medications would cost.  I mean, I had just switched two of my medications from the ones I had used for two years, to ones my insurance company told me they would cover.  So, the price should lower a little.  (Side note: When an insurance company says they're going to cover something, shouldn't it mean they pay for it?  That makes sense, right?)

I picked up my three little baggies full of stuff that keeps me alive and the pharmacist said, "That'll be $500 please."

I nearly had a heart attack, but then I'd have to pay for even more medicine, so I held back.

Five hundred dollars!  And that's not even everything I have to take in a month!  No wonder so many diabetics don't manage their illness.  Who can afford to?

Later, I complained to my mother about it, and she mentioned my brother has to have a shot every month that is $1000, and that's not everything he needs to take either.  I felt a little ungrateful after that.

But in thinking about my brother and myself and our pricey dilemma, I got to thinking.  And here's my conclusion: Socialized medicine is awesome.

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Becca said...

And amen.
So let it be written, so let it be done.