17 February 2014

Metropolis 1927

My husband has a master's degree in film.  That means we get to watch a lot of "different" movies.  The latest in his endeavor to soak up as much culture and celluloid as a human brain can stand, we watched a movie from 1927 called Metropolis.  It's a German film.  The story takes place 99 years in the future, which means it's only twelve years away from where we are now, 2026.

They had machines in this futuristic film, but all of them were manpowered.  Most of the workers in the movie looked like they were dancing with flashing lights rather than doing something productive.

The clock thing is a machine and the guy in black is moving the hands to any bulb that lit up.  It's an integral part of the plot, but we, the watchers, have no idea what he's doing or what will happen when he stops, or why.

Aside from the machines, there was A LOT of heart clenching.

A LOT of heart clenching.

Then, there's a good lady:

the kind that helps children, and calls pretentious snobs her brothers and sisters instead of hating them.  A mad, mad scientist takes that good lady, and through the use of electric circles and a robot, turns her into a bad lady.

The bad lady is identified as separate from the good lady by her dark eyeliner.  Also, the bad lady does a strip tease for dozens of entranced men.  My husband says it's not so much a tease.  He's right.  It's more of a sexy dance.

Let me reiterate: this film was made in 1927.  The good old days with family values and all that.  I've long thought there was no such time and I'm sorry to have been proven right.

The end of the movie is a happy one with the bad lady getting buzzed back to a robot and the heart-clenching guy getting the good girl.  It took 2 1/2 hours and some truly terrifying moments to get us there.

I've been so traumatized by the watching of this film I can't get it out of my head.  So, now you can have it in yours.

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