31 March 2014

Veiled Encouragement

Last week was singularly unproductive as far as writing goes.  I'd like to blame ill health, or busy-ness, or holiday, or something legitimate, but I can't.  The only reason I didn't write is because I'm nursing a healthy shot of self-doubt.

I'm not writing this to get affirmations of my worth as a writer, I'm just putting it out there that working in a creative field can be tough on a person's confidence.  Some days, every sentence written is another one deleted.  Even sitting in front of the computer becomes an internal shouting match: 

"You can do this!  It's a simple re-write!  Just one page!"

"You suck!  Your work is crap! Your fingers don't even belong on the keyboard!"

Most days, I work through this shouting until the naysaying is minimized, but some days (or in this case, a week), I can't bear the thought of trying.  

Writing is hard.

But, you know, if you want to be a writer, don't let me discourage you.  

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