20 May 2014

Zoo Zoo Zoo

I had a deprived childhood, I guess, because I can't remember ever going to the zoo.  The first zoo I remember is the Wellington, New Zealand Zoological Gardens, which I took my kids to when we lived there, and I've heard that it's only mediocre on the zoo scale. (I'm trying to use the word zoo as often as possible.  I'm up to five.  But seriously, what other word is there for a zoo? Park?) So, over spring break when my children were perfecting their "I'm So Bored!" mantra, I decided to try out our local caged animal viewing site. (See? Zoo is easier.)

I was thrilled to go, and my children all complained.  Evidently, sitting in front of a screen, even when it's off and they're just waiting for the moment when they can turn it on, is more exciting than seeing real life animals.  Like any self-respecting mother, I forced them to come with me.

It was a perfect, sunny day, without being hot.  My kids saw all kinds of animal behavior that gave them good ideas for what to try out at home, but this is pretty much the only picture I got.  A peacock.  He made me work for it.  For every time he showed us his face, we saw his rear ten times.  My youngest child thought this was hilarious.

Then, around the time when we'd seen most of the animals and we were gearing down to head to the exit, my son went missing.  One second he was there watching the seals, the next minute he was gone.  He must of have been paying special attention to the apes, who were playing least-in-sight when we passed their enclosure.  After searching the zoo for a half hour, I found him next to the peacock.  When he saw me coming, he stood up and pointed at me, like I was the one who had wandered off.

First he complains about going, and then he makes it so we can't leave.  Kids.

If you're looking for a fun book, my friend just put one out called "The Library and the Lion".  Lots of great details about Cambridge. Check it out here.

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