16 June 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I know this little square of dirt doesn't look like much, but it has held a good portion of my attention for several days.  Every time I stand at my kitchen sink, I look out the window and see it.  I stand at the sliding door and stare at the dirt.

Six little tomato plants line the left and far sides, which I keep telling myself I will fertilize today.  Several handfuls of zucchini and peas have been planted, along with the rest of my fragrant wildflower seeds.  My daughter scattered the flower seeds towards the front, so when they come up, they'll be the thing I see out my window.

My father-in-law (bless his green thumb) came by and told me exactly what to do to make the food grow.  So, I'd really have to have a growing disability to screw this up.

Logically, I know I won't make the seeds grow faster by watching carefully, but I can't stop looking.  I'm afraid I'll miss something.  I'm afraid I'll kill something, which, considering my gardening history, is far more likely.

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