04 August 2014

So You Think You Can Watch?

The universe has conspired against me.  It saddens me, but it's true.

I only like one or two television shows enough to make a stink about not being able to watch them when the new season comes out.  Sherlock is one.  Call the Midwife is another.  Sometimes I like House, or Bones enough to whinge about it.  But there is one show that I consistently want to watch and the lucky winner is So You Think You Can Dance.

There is something about the beauty and athleticism inherent in good dancers that I can't get enough of. I love that they dance in every genre, and even when I don't like the dances or the music, or the contestants, or the judges (Grrr to Mary Murphy's hot tamale train), I savor it all.  Every minute of it.

Perhaps that's why the universe has conspires against me.  I enjoy it too much and therefore, according to the puritan values my ancestors embraced, it is not allowed.

I cannot watch it via computer because my computer is too old to support the website.  YouTube has only clips when my soul demands full episodes, and I cannot endure missing anything.  We don't have regular TV or cable or dish or anything, so that's out.  I got so desperate that I went to my friend's house to watch it on her TV even though it was clearly an imposition on her time with her husband.

Last night, I got all excited, thinking I'd be able to watch it now on our Apple TV, but that also is a no go because evidently, you have to already have TV in order to watch TV.  Clearly, the entertainment Execs have been talking to economists.

And me?  I'm not feeling very kindly towards my puritan ancestors.

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