11 August 2014

Back To School

Three weeks ago I got news of a mult-stake clothing swap, just in time for school shopping.  If you're not acquainted with clothing swaps, first let me offer my condolences, then let me explain why these are the best idea anyone ever had.

You know all the clothes in your closet you haven't worn in a while because they don't suit you, or they're out of style, or they don't fit, or whatever?  You take those clothes to the swap, and everyone else does the same.  Then, you get to sort through and pick out whatever you like from what other's brought in.  Free.  Can I say that again?  Free!

After three long, long weeks of anticipation, the day finally arrived.  My daughter and I headed out early, hopeful of beating the crowds, and maybe finding the good stuff before someone else.

Evidently, I'm not the only woman out there that wants free stuff.  We got to the church five minutes before the doors were supposed to open and the place was packed.  I beelined right to the little boys' clothes and had no luck in finding something nice in the right sizes.  Then I wandered for a while.  Picking up a shirt for my husband and making sure my daughter was having fun.  Then I planted myself in front of the tables piled with women's clothing.

At the end, my daughter had found some nice things.  My husband got one shirt.  The boys will need to go to an actual store.  I came home with WAY more than anyone else.  Kind of a sad commentary on how I think.

But I need to say again that it was Free.

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