22 June 2015

I Like To Move It, Move It.

We're moving this week, so even though I have some spare time, it doesn't feel like it.  My whole brain is taken up with cleaning and boxing and plans.

We're moving from a four bedroom house that's a perfect fit for our family, to another two bedroom apartment.  Well, two and a half, as my daughter pointed out.  I think this temporary step backwards is a smart financial decision before buying/building a house, so I'll keep that in mind as I clean and box and plan.  This is smart.  This is smart.

That being said, I have to go clean.  Then box.

And while I sighed as I wrote that, I really do like to de-junk everything.  It's kind of liberating.

1 comment:

Danica Page said...

Good luck with moving. Trying to move all my books is always the worse. Books are so heavy.