01 June 2015

Snacking After Dark

After all the kids are in their rooms for the night, I sometimes like to treat myself to a little snack.  I got out the bin of fancy nuts from Costco.  You know the kind: these nuts are way to proud to be caught with a peanut.  Peanuts are an embarrassing cousin the cashews and almonds pretend they don't know.

My husband came downstairs and caught me rummaging through the nuts looking for my favorites.  I found one and triumphantly popped it into my mouth.  "I love Brazil nuts."  I chewed.  "You know, in Brazil, they just call them nuts."

My husband replied, "I think they just call them Mandi."

I showed him my offended face which he missed because he was opening a package of store-bought cookies.  He crammed a whole one into his mouth while I watched, hoping he was noticing my offended face.  That offended face was difficult to keep in place since I just wanted to find another nut. My husband chewed his cookie, then picked up the package to read the ingredients.

"These cookies taste like toxic waste.  There's not one natural ingredient in them."  He popped another in his mouth.  "They're delicious."

Offended face and nuts were forgotten as I giggled.  My husband really is hilarious.