31 October 2016

Green With Envy (Or Ridicule)

I just wanted to show you all what arrived in front of our house the other day.

That's right.  My father-in-law was kind enough to deliver a handkerchief-sized bit of grass.  My kids have had loads of fun spraying it with water, as though it might actually grow up to be a lawn.

Every time I drive up to the house, or have occasion to look out the front door, I either roll my eyes or laugh at how ridiculous it looks.  Like we have delusions of having a putting green.  Or we left a green blanket outside on the dirt.  Or I tripped while holding green jello and dumped it there by accident.  Or we have an unruly patch of moss (that is, coincidently, a perfect square).

Now just .45 of an acre more and we'll have a yard!

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