10 October 2016

My Friend

The first time I met Wilhelmina, or Wil, as she prefers to be called, was on a cold day at a beach in Wellington, New Zealand.  She had made cookies for the only friend we had in common: Without a recipe.  Who makes cookies without a recipe?  Only the brilliant.

After that initial meeting, she invited me many times to her home.  We ate dinner with our two families several times.  We had more "sand"wiches than any person should need to consume as we solved the problems of this world while sitting on a beach watching our children frolic in the waves or build their own worlds in the sand.

When I was pregnant with my youngest child, she was the one I wanted to be there with my husband and I during the birth.  Being very pregnant herself, she ran down the hill to the hospital in the middle of the night to be there.

She has mentored and helped more children as their caregiver than I can count, and has been there to relieve the burdens of more friends than she realizes.  Her husband and four daughters love her dearly.  As do I.

She recently lost the fight with four kinds of cancer, and her family can't make ends meet without her.  Please click on the link below and give what you can to help this wonderful woman's husband and children.  The woman I consider a sister.

For Wil

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